Negotiations continue: Summary of Government Services Bargaining
Your bargaining committee met with the employer on Nov. 14, 15 and 21, 22 in Edmonton to continue bargaining your next collective agreement.

There was movement on 17 non-monetary items over those four days. It’s important to note that while we are negotiating your next agreement, the current agreement continues to apply until a new agreement is ratified.
Agreement on many of the union’s priority items like job security, workload, job classifications, hiring practices, contracting out and more have yet to be seriously discussed and are tied to a monetary agreement.
Your committee has met with the employer 28 times since bargaining began. Below is a comprehensive overview of the headway made in that time.

Articles signed off with no changes or just word changes: 2, 5, 6, 9, 13, 20, 24, 30, 37, 39, 41, 42. Supplements I, II, Addendum I, Letters of Understandings (LOUs) 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, Common Interest Forum, Letter of Intent (LOI) 1.

Outstanding articles: 31, 33, 34, 35, 38, 40, 40A

Article 3 Master/Subsidiary Agreements – Emphasizes that the collective agreement is paramount and Letters of Understanding (LOUs) and Letters of Intent (LOIs) can be grieved unless otherwise identified.

Article 8 Union Membership and Dues Check-Off – Indemnification for employer has been removed. Therefore the union will no longer be responsible for claims against them in relation to dues and membership.

Article 10 Employer/Employee Relations – Union orientation of up to 30 minutes for new staff with pay during first six months of employment. If the orientation occurs at an employer’s orientation for new employees, the union will receive one-week advance notice. New employees will be provided with a link to the collective agreement in their offer letter, the name of their union steward if one is assigned to the area, a copy of the collective agreement from their union steward or employer upon request.
On a monthly basis, the employer shall provide a list to the union with the names and departments of all new bargaining unit employees hired up to the end of the previous month.

Article 11 Time Off for Union Business – If an employee attends an Employee Relations Committee meeting or an Occupational Health and Safety Committee meeting on a day of rest they will be paid at straight time or a minimum of two hours, whichever is greater.

Article 19 Call Back Pay – Includes contact via modern communications like text or email instead of just telephone.

Article 22 Northern Allowance Pay – Renew current language

Article 23 Workers’ Compensation Supplement – While on WCB, an employee will be paid all types of employment income.

Article 27 Probationary Employee and Period – If a probationary employee (including temporary) is absent for more than 20 days for a period of paid or unpaid leave during the period of probation, it may be extended in writing, citing reasons for the extension.

Article 28 Disciplinary Action – Notice given of the time and place of any disciplinary or potential disciplinary meeting must be provided to an employee with 24-hour notice, unless otherwise mutually agreed to.

  • Purging of an employees’ personal file of any record of fully resolved disciplinary action may now be requested after 24 (instead of 30) months of continuous service from the date of the disciplinary action.

Article 29 Grievance Procedure – Added 29.01 (e) Notwithstanding 29.01(d) a wage employee who has served 24 months of service from their first date of hire and who is dismissed for disciplinary reasons in accordance with Article 28 Disciplinary Action, shall have access to the grievance procedure including arbitration at level 3.

  • Group grievances may now be filed in the absence of consent from all potential grievors who may be affected by the outcome of the grievance.
  • Employees now have 21 days to file at level 1 (was 14 days previously).
  • Informal resolution stage prior to level 1 is now part of grievance process.
  • Grievances will now be filed with HR officers rather than designated officers, which reduces potential delays in locating or serving designated officers who are away on vacation or otherwise unreachable.
  • New provisions require disclosure at each step.

Article 32 General Illness – Chart added to replace wording. Self-inflicted injuries are now eligible for coverage.

Article 36A Christmas Closure – Christmas closure days are maintained.

Article 43 Safety and Health – The employer shall require all new employees complete the Fundamentals in Occupational Health and Safety training course and shall have in place a policy to support a working alone safety plan that adheres to Occupational Health and Safety Legislation.

Article 46 Leave Without Pay – In advance of any such leave, the employee shall make arrangements to ensure the employee’s share of benefit premiums are paid each pay period when due, for the duration of the leave without pay.

Article 48 Printing of Agreements – Employees will be provided either a hard copy or access to an online copy upon request.

Article 50 Harassment and Discrimination – If the employer’s workplace policy does not resolve complaint of harassment and discrimination, it may be grieved.

  • Retaliation in any form is forbidden.
  • The harassment or discrimination may still be the subject of a human rights complaint.

Article 56 Terminal Care Leave (New Article) – An employee who has completed 52 consecutive weeks of employment shall be granted up to 26 weeks of leave without pay upon provision of at least two weeks’ written notice, unless emergent situations require shorter notice, to provide care or support for a qualified relative in the end stage of life as detailed in Employment Insurance legislation.

  • The employee’s and employer’s share of benefits under drug and benefit plans will continue during the period of leave; however, it will be up to the employee to ensure coverage for their portion of benefit dues.

Letters of Understanding (LOUs)

Outstanding Letter of Understanding: 5
Letter of Understanding #1 – Terms of Reference – Article 49 – Employee Benefit Committee

  • Now required to meet at least once per year.
Letter of Understanding #2 – Employment Standards Code, Scheme of Employment Covering the Master and Subsidiary Agreements
  • The parties agree to meet within 30 days of any new regulation related to permits and schemes of employment under the Employment Standards Code to review the provisions noted in clause 2 of this Letter of Understanding for the purpose of making a joint request to the Director of Employment Standards.
Letter of Understanding #6 – 6 and 3 Work Schedules Between: The Crown in Right of Alberta (The Employer) – and – The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (The Union) – Employees may now use earned time in lieu for attending training or working hours in addition to their scheduled daily or weekly hours.
Letter of Understanding #9 – Legal Fees – Maintained
Letter of Understanding #10 – Legal Indemnification – Maintained
Letter of Understanding #11 – Northern Trips – Maintained
Letter of Understanding #12 – Northern Leave – Maintained
Letter of Understanding #13 – Attraction Bonus – Maintained
Letter of Understanding #14 – 55th to 57th Parallel Retention Allowance – Maintained

In addition to the following signed off items, subsidiary agreements 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 009 and 012 are still being worked on for such things as protective clothing, updating wording, specialist modifiers and anything related to monetary.

Subsidiary agreement 2 
Letter of Understanding #2 – Community and Social Services, Children’s Services, and Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee Delivery Program Advisory Committee

  • Changed to reflect one new region with addition of one employee to committee, so employee representation increases from 7 to 8.
  • Addition of an Executive Director as the minimum status of the employer co-chair of the committee.

Subsidiary agreement 3
Letter of Understanding #4 – 9.25 Hour Shift Rotation – Traffic Enforcement Division, Sheriffs Investigative Support Unit and the Warrant Apprehension Team

  • Old name was not reflected correctly. SISU now changed to correct Sheriffs Investigative Support Unit.

Subsidiary agreement 5 Letter of Understanding #4 – Fish and Wildlife Officers – deleted as no longer applies.

Subsidiary agreement 6 
Article 1 Probationary Period – MH 4s moved to one-year probationary period.
Letter of Understanding #1 – Provincial Advisory Program Committees – Terms of Reference
Updated language and increased number of members in Disability Advisory table from 8 to 10.
Employee Relations Committee – Medical and Rehabilitative Services – Terms of Reference
No change other than changing reference from Local 010 to Local 006.
Bargaining is scheduled to continue Dec. 11, 12, 13 and 19, 20 and 21.