EDMONTON – The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) is welcoming Bill 27: Joint Governance of Public Sector Pension Plans Act, the provincial government’s long-overdue legislation to place Alberta’s public sector pension plans under joint employer-employee governance.

If passed, Bill 27 will allow both workers and their employers to share management of both the Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP) and Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP). Alberta is currently the only province without joint governance of its public sector pension plans.

“AUPE members have long called for this important change, and the union has been in high-level discussions with the Alberta government for years, beginning with the former Progressive Conservative government,” said AUPE President Guy Smith.

“This legislation will bring more certainty for members, whose pension funds were previously under the direct control of governments that were sometimes more driven by political motivation than what is in the best interest of workers.”

Albertans remember when the former PC government launched an attack on pensions beginning in 2013, claiming they represented liabilities for taxpayers.

“AUPE members were on the forefront of the fight to protect pensions, holding dozens of townhall meetings across the province and packing legislature committee hearings with spirited defense of their pensions,” said Smith.

“Ultimately the government backed down and both the LAPP and PSPP have continued to grow sustainably. In fact, both funds are healthy and expected to get healthier in the coming years.

“The introduction of today’s legislation represents the culmination of years of advocacy from hard-working Albertans who should be able to count on the fact their pensions will be there for them when it comes time to retire.”


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